Quality Eye Care: Srikiran Institute of Ophthalmology

To empower the rural poor in India, MSMF supports three initiatives of Sankurathri Foundation – Education and Vocational Training , Eye Health Care and demand driven Disaster Relief programs.

Sankurathri Foundation (SF) was established in India by Dr. Chandrasekhar Sankurathri in 1989. The foundation is a registered charity in India with objectives to:

  • eliminate illiteracy and child labour by educating children and their parents in rural areas,
  • eradicate avoidable blindness by providing accessible and affordable eye care to all, and
  • provide immediate relief to victims of natural disasters, such as, cyclones, hurricanes and floods.

The Foundation’s activities are carried from a center established on a serene three acre plot in a rural area, 10 Km from Kakinada town in Andhra Pradesh state on the southeast coast of India. It is a town of moderate size with a population of 450,000. This town is the head quarters of the East Godavari district, and can be reached either by road or train from Chennai (600 Km), Hyderabad (560 Km) or Visakhapatnam (180 Km).

In 1992, SF started Sarada Vidyalayam, which consists of a Primary School (Grades 1-5), High School (Grades 6-10), and a Vocational School for students with grade 10 or higher education.

In 1993, SF started Srikiran Institute of Ophthalmology, which is now a world class eye care provider in the region.

Primary Education: Sarada Vidyalayam

Sarada Vidyalayam, a primary school from Grades 1 to 7, provides free education to local children. In addition to the regular curriculum it offers, the school focuses on discipline and the overall development of the child.

Children receive free school supplies, uniforms, nutritious midday meals, regular health checkups and medication, when required.

The school is located in two permanent buildings, and has a staff of eight teachers, a Headmistress, volunteers and assistants.

All of the first graduates from the school have successfully completed the program, and have joined secondary or post-secondary institutions.Not only has the school provided free access to quality education, it has also helped significantly in creating awareness to the importance of education and literacy in society.

Disaster Relief

This program was launched in 1998 to provide help to people affected by disasters such as cyclones, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Coastal areas in the region are particularly prone to these natural disasters.

This program helps with basic necessities such as food, drinking water, medical aid, medicines and clothes during times of crisis. Every year since its inception, the organization distributes food packages to families evacuated during the cyclone season.

How Can You Help?
A donation of $50 supports one cataract surgery with an Inter-Ocular Lens (IOL) implant.
A donation of $2500 supports one eye camp (50 cataract surgeries).