Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary. Here is a short message of our fortunate involvement with MSMF.

Over the past years the annual Lenten Project at St. Isidore Catholic School has been to raise funds for Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation. The St. Isidore community has been a proud supporter of MSMF. This partnership has strengthened our understanding of our school Board’s spiritual message, “By Our Works We Show Our Faith” and what it means to effect positive change to help those who face challenging circumstances. Even small actions can make a difference in the life of others and allow children to have access to an education. Dr. Chandra’s inspirational messages and updates, which he would share during his visits to St. Isidore Catholic School, were, and continue to be an inspiration.

Karen Wilson is the Principal of St. Isidore Catholic School, Kanata, Ontario.

St. Isidore School reflects on 25 years of association – Karen Wilson